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    We created a website for Pedia-lax to educate parents about their kids bowel movements.
Yes, this is a real brand I work on. They make laxatives for kids. Under the mantra of "Give Poop a Chance" we created a website to educate parents about how to prevent constipation and put a quick end to it when their kids get stopped-up. It was a 2012 Webby Awards Honoree.

Read about the site below or check it out at pedia-lax.com.
We even created a poop quiz to test parents' poop knowledge.
It consists of a nice mix of serious and not-so-serious questions.
At the end of the quiz, parents are awarded a degree that reflects how well they performed.
They can then share their degree with friends on Facebook.
We also created some simple flash banners to drive parents to the Pedia-Lax site.