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    Editorial project that focuses the female body representation in scientific illustrations.
The Female Body is an academic project that explores the visual representation of the female body in scientific illustrations. The search for the keywords "human body", "human anatomy" and "human organs" in Google images resulted in an archive of pictures carrying the validation of scientific authority, but equally expressing and upholding the visual culture of western society; reflecting the way in which women are perceived in comparison to men. Focusing on these human body patterns of representation as well as on standards of beauty and visual conventions associated with traditional gender characteristics, this project aims to explore and question how images perpetuate messages, ideas and values from sociocultural discourses.
Format 210x297mm
Cover Pop Set red pepper 250g - screenprinting
Pages Renova Print white 120g & Pop Set gray 120g - digital printing
Number of pages 116
+info http://cargocollective.com/the_female_body