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PANTONE Make it brilliant Brand Campaign
Pantone Brand Campaign
Client: Pantone
Agency: Sub Rosa
Creative Direction: Diego Marini
Art Direction: Christina Latina
Photography: Sarah Silver
Dancers: Jaqlin Medlock, Natalie Mackessy, Jenna Pollock
Lights: Benji Kayne
“Make it Brilliant” is an invitation to engage. It provokes and inspires action.
“Brilliant” has not just a double-entendre but a triple-entendre:
1. Brilliant = color; a hue that has a strong saturation.
2. Brilliant = full of light, shining, bright; brilliance gets noticed.
3. Brilliant = smart; distinguished by unusual intellectual acuteness.
“Make it Brilliant” it’s a rallying cry, a goal, a standard that we hold ourselves to each day.
The eye and brain work together to transform light into color.
Light receptors within the eye transmit messages to the
brain, producing the familiar sensations and shades of color.
Light is a metaphor for Pantone, keeping the fidelity and
truth of color while being able to apply its meaning across
any medium. Linked both to the science of color and to the
tool with which we can make materials, “Enlightened” brings
objects, materials and experiences to life in a brilliant way.
PANTONE Make it brilliant Brand Campaign

PANTONE Make it brilliant Brand Campaign

This campaign direction tells the story of “creating with color” through experimentation and articulating dimensionality for each of the three ar Read More
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