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及時雨 Rain In Time | 黃花地丁 Dandelion [MV]
黃花地丁 -  及時雨 - RAIN IN TIME  [Music Video]
黃花地丁 aka Dandelion
Nothing stay forever, there isn't a place for us to stay.
Like dandelion, we all are floating endlessly to somewhere. 
There's no way we could not accept any unexpected fate with life.


/ /   你  我  一  早  已  經  四  處  落  泊  / /

及時雨 Rain In Time - 黃花地丁

Starring | Cleo 
Agency | Welvermind 
Director | Andrew Lau, Jason Tsang @Welvermind
Editing | Welvermind  
MUA on Cleo | Krishna 
MUA on Rain In Time | Percy Shing 
Venue | The Core Base 
Photographer & Styling | Yani Yau 
Single Cover Photography | Enson Wan
Single Cover Design | Jason Tsang @Welvermind

Special thanks | Raymond, Kimberley, Billy

A project by Welvermind
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及時雨 Rain In Time | 黃花地丁 Dandelion [MV]

Project Made For

及時雨 Rain In Time | 黃花地丁 Dandelion [MV]

Music video concept direction, filming & post-production for the latest single 黃花地丁 from the Hong Kong music act 及時雨 Rain In Time.