In our 23rd exhibit, we have explored the cybernetic & cyberpunk universes and our take on the idea of a Kibernetik future.
With over 30 pieces our artists have approached the theme in a variaty of ways and each presented their own unique visions of the Cyberpunk environment by creating stunning pieces about computer systems, mechanical structures, symbiotic biological & cognitive organisms. 
This exhibition presents a crossing between advanced technoligical surroundings and post-apocalyptic worlds.

The Luminarium presents Kibernetik.
Urban Intervention Mech by Ptitvinc
Hail to the Lord of Shadows by Sebastien Hue
Transcendence by Elementj21
The Purge by Najeeb Najjar
D.R.O.N. by Maxime des Touches
From Scott Stedman
PROXY by Seventwo
Dance of the Mech by Kuldar
Anomalous Core by Elementj21
Enter Into The Code by Jonathan Maurin
Fools In scape, pls! by Breli4
Caretaker by Badbrush
Icaros by Jonathan Maurin
In The Air by Kuldar
Machines Have No Remorse by Sebastien Hue
Kibernetik by Cristian
Lifelines by Jakobhansson
Lightroom by Christian Hecker
Renovation by Dafne
subject001 by Celairen
The Defender by Maxime des Touches and Jonathan Maurin
South border by Kuldar
Target Earth by Badbrush
Termination Shock by Scott Stedman
Clustering by Maxime des Touches
SpaceElevator by Glenn Clovis
The light droid by Breli4
Punk by Jk3y
Data Transfer by Maxime des Touches and Alastair Temple
distant by Joakim Olaussen
The Blue Pill by Alastair Temple
A Mechanical Heart by Matlev
Structure by Joakim Olaussen