Hi Folks!
This time, i wanna talk about another boardgame i have worked on. It's called Abyss, and the game design has been made by Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevallier
In this game, you have to be the best, and the most powerful lord in the oceans. So the goal was to design all the "abyss theme", characters and landscapes. It was a real pleasure to make, because the editor (Bombyx) let me do.... what i want. I was free to create all the races, the architectures etc.
As the game is not released yet (it will be in august 2014), you can find some informations here (in english), and there (in french).
Little detail, the game will have 5 covers. One for each race. So you can choose your favorite one ;).
Enjoy, and see you soon for new stuff!! 
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