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Tetra : A procedural lighting control software.

Tetra is a lighting control software for Mac, based on a powerful modular core and advanced procedural generation elements.
Inspired by synthesizers, Tetra allows you to create and perform real time light shows, with complex shapes and movements, in harmony with music, video and stage performances.
The system is designed to seamlessly control the most commonly used fixtures, such as intelligent lighting (moving heads), LEDs, strobes, smoke machines and any DMX compatible device.
Tetra directly connects to every popular music or video performance software using MIDI, OSC, Artnet and Syphon; including Ableton Live, Traktor, Serato, VDMX, Resolume, Madmapper, Catalyst and many more.
The various control modules behind real time data generation are inspired by some of the greatest algorithms in randomization, animation and simulation. Tetra harvests the power of these formulas to provide direct control from any number of inputs, to alter predefined mathematical equations, show cues, audio visualizations, and procedurally generated random motion.
As the data is computed at runtime, the input values can be manipulated live and direct preview of the final result is available during setup. This allows the creation of complex and reactive geometrical light structures with very large numbers of fixtures in just a few minutes.
Is Tetra available?
As the software is still in development, it is not available yet.

Does it really work?
Yes. The core of the software is done and works great, but some modules are still missing, especially the ones that could make Tetra interesting for light designers. I use Tetra in my own creations and adapt the codebase each time to fit the project, so it works perfectly anytime I use it.
So there is no way to get it?
As of now, only I have the functionnal app. If you are interested in hiring me (and Tetra) or simply have a talk about it, you should contact me via my website.
Can we see some screenshots?
The current GUI of the software is not ready yet, and heavily relies on Midi, OSC and external audio inputs. Furthermore, the user interface itself is not meant to be displayed on screen while performing.
Anything else?
Yes! If you are interested in Tetra and my other projects, feel free to send me an email, or follow me on Twitter to stay up to date!
Tetra : A procedural lighting control software.

Tetra : A procedural lighting control software.

Tetra is a procedural lighting software.