Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan | Aurora Giftset Tet 2023

Bát Vị Nghinh Xuân

by Aurora Vietnam

Đã thấy hơi xuân trong gió may
Vương trên mái lá tiễn đông gầy
Nhà ai vừa quét tường vôi trắng
Thỏ thẻ bên thềm hoa cúc lay

The new year begins with spring, a gift begins with the mind of the giver,
package in which the taste of gratitude, the taste of love, the taste of expectation,
and the surprise is waiting for people to open and discover…


Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan - Eight flavors to welcome the new spring,
Eight “tastes” to fulfill the Tet.

Inspired by the two beautiful things of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year:
The Tet jam tray and the open doors, Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan symbolizes the wish
of a warm home always open to welcome each person returning.

Eight flavors not only recall the familiar tastes of traditional Tet
but also imply the eight flavors of life.

Nghinh Xuan not only means "open doors" but also conveys the wish to reunite and gather on Tet, reminding each person to "open their hearts"
to connect and celebrate Tet.

With the full experience from Eating to Playing, Enjoying Tet, Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan conveys
many spiritual values and good wishes to the recipient.


Eating with full flavor of Tet 

Relive the joy of childhood with 8 familiar Tet tastes delivered through 8 gifts,
bringing an open and exploratory experience with layers of poems and illustration.

Have fun with Tet

Excited in the joy of meeting and reunion of spring days knocking on the door,
"Ban toi choi nha" and "Ca nha thuong nhau" - two versions of boardgames
for family and friends on the inside of the gift box, promise bringing laughter
during Tet holiday.

Enjoy Tet wholeheartedly

Not only packed in colors and flavors, Tet is also present in very familiar sounds.
It is the crackling sound of the firewood of Banh Chung pot, the sound of the spring wind playing under 
the porch, and the countless sounds of spring waiting for you...

Listen to Tet stories here


The gifts included in Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan are also wishes
a full and happy spring to you.

Bring spring home

This special gift for our beloved friends​​​​​​​ and family
can be ordered directly from the landing page.


The participating artists put a lot of love into the artworks.

Behind the scene

Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan was created with thousands of creative hours,
sending our sincere to you.


Creative Concept Aurora Vietnam
Creative Director Tuan-Anh Quach
Visual Creative Phuong Anh, Tran Nam, Minh Khanh, Ngoc Duc​​​​​​​
Illustrator Cam Giang, Kun Kun, Vu Mini, Lucas Bo
Content Creative Trinh Anh

Project Manager & Producer Ngoc-Anh Do​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan | Aurora Giftset Tet 2023

Bat Vi Nghinh Xuan | Aurora Giftset Tet 2023

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