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    Photo and video taken while working with water providers in Bangkok and Jakarta
ECO-Asia, a Bangkok-based USAID project, hired me as a visual communication consultant for their WaterLinks project. Waterlinks creates connections between water providers in southeast Asian countries.

Millions of the urban poor in southeast Asia lack access to safe, affordable, and reliable water supplies. As a result, they are often forced to turn to water sources that pose health risks or create a financial burden on their household.
WaterLinks helps local water providers to better reach these communities in need by creating partnerships between water companies. Through these partnerships, providers share their experiences, best practices, and knowledge, and build their potential to extend affordable services to local customers.

In Bangkok, I collaborated with ECO-Asia to write and plan a documentary about the impact of improved water services across Indonesia.
After arriving in Indonesia, I worked with SPEAK, a local NGO, and recorded interviews with water customers and employees in Jakarta, Jombang, and Medan.