OBSCURA is a book of modern analogue pinhole photography that
                             includes pictures taken by the vibrant international photo community. 

                            OBSCURA has 11 chapters. 
Our so-called „light sculptures“ guide our
                            readers through the book and illustrate each new chapter. They are
                            accompanied by 11 little poems, reflecting the essence of each chapter.

                            The photographers were asked to interpret these chapters, adding
                            their own associations and ideas. The result: each of the 11 chapters
                            shows 11 very personal photographs – these are our 121 views,
                            making OBSCURA so diverse. 
  • G E T  T H E  B O O K  H E R E:
    C O N C E P T
    Larissa Honsek, Fine Nitschke, Mila Haegele, Eli Unverricht
    T  E X T
    Mila Haegele, Eli Unverricht
    L A Y O U T & D E S I G N
    Fine Nitschke
    P H O T O G R A P H S & D E S IG N
    Larissa Honsek
    L Y R I C S
    Mila Haegele 
    T H A N K  Y O U
    Mila . Fine . Larissa . Eli . Nadine
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