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Cotons AI - The future of veterinary care
Cotons AI — the future of veterinary care

cloudandco and CareSix (Start-up) presents Cotons — a new brand that communicates your dog’s voice and health concerns through advanced sensors and AI learning.

A powerful and cohesive look.
Art direction, ID, branding, envision, packaging, web, app, exhibition and photography for Cotons AI. by cloudandco.
cloudandco is a design studio based in Seoul/Seattle, led by Yeongkyu Yoo. The team led the process of founding Cotons’ design language — bringing technology closer to our canine companions in a modern but discreet manner.

Sense 1 — for everyday care
Everything important housed in a minimal collar.

Professional-grade veterinary pet biosignals at home could be coming in the form of a smart collar, which Cotons AI claims can extend the life of a dog by offering precise health metrics and transferring them to your phone

Reinventing communication — representing your dog’s voice
Everyday, technology moves forward for mankind. Sensors and AI learning become more advanced, and many emergencies can be foreseen and prevented. As industries for humans reap the benefits, the pet healthcare industry remains in the past. Using existing technologies and making new adaptations, Cotons developed a new system of biometric sensors and AI learning that monitor our dogs’ health and suggest what we should be doing next. In this sense, Cotons is not only a tool for reading health, but also a mediator. It keeps track of their activities that are normally missed and alerts us of recurring patterns. Better yet, Cotons demystifies accumulated data. It translates what it could signify collectively and informs what we should be prepared for. For instance, it predicts potential health complications before they happen, based on the dog’s individual profile. Heart diseases are silent, and 75% of senior dogs develop them. With such conditions, early diagnosis is crucial, and Cotons helps detect it before your annual veterinary visit.
Smart O2 — Soft-clip oximeter
Compatible with Sense 1, Smart O2 is a soft-clip oximeter that is placed on the ear to measure the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin molecules in the bloodstream. Cotons AI uses the readings to monitor respiratory rates of diagnosed patients as well as emergency conditions.

Sense 1 Pro — for emergency care
Sense 1 Pro is embracing. It looks and feels like a sleek jacket, but is discreet as Sense 1. Built from a unique 4-way stretch fabric, Sense 1 Pro provides the calming comfort of anxiety vests and is breathable for everyday wear. The sensors lie closer to the skin and become one with the body, so motion detection is even more precise with the Pro model.

Exhibition at CES 2023
Designed by cotons ( Jeju, South Korea ) + cloudandco (Seoul,Seattle) design team
Creative Director + Designer – Yeongkyu YOO
Concept Editor - Michelle JY Park
photographer – Sebin Oh
Designer – Joonsung Won, Soomi Oh, Sebin Oh, Nara Ok
Marketer - Sueah Kim, Kerim Chang

Digital Image – Hayong Kim
Music - Oleksii Kaplunskyi

Cotons AI - The future of veterinary care

Cotons AI - The future of veterinary care