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Rattle Can
RattleCan is an online archive for community art based in Sydney, Australia. As a business, it serves as a platform to showcase existing and emerging street art and graffiti across various Sydney, Melbourne and in future, global locations. It looks to preseve local artwork that would otherwise fade away, giving people a way to discover local pieces of creativity, they might otherwise miss. 
Living in an area of Sydney that is often identified with its street art, this was a fantastic opportunity for me to be involved with a project that celebrated the art that so visually enriches my community. I created an identity that was simple and monochromatic, allowing it to interact with the characteristically vibrant art it showcased. With a subtle nod to its namesake, the logo has the ability to sit in a variety of contexts both independently and as a complimentary mark. A small amount of collateral was developed, but the primary focus was the website which will be launching very soon. 
Image credits: Dmitri Korobtsov