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A live student project illustrating a book.
Student project. A live project I undertook, illustrating a MA Creative Writing student's book.
Character Designs
Ashley Grayson
The main protagonist. She is brave and values loyalty and creativity, but is untrusting to strangers or new friends. She embarks on a journey through the OtherWorld in an attempt to find her brother, going through many difficulties and meeting strange characters on the way. She has bronze coloured hair that falls in an array of messy curls  and light green eyes.

The first person to join Ashley on her journey. Ludlow is a Peg Powler, a fey that lurks in shallow waters and relies upon their beautiful singing voice to lure in prey and to attract mates. Unfortunately, Ludlow doesn’t have a great singing voice. In fact, he’s plain awful. It’s a constant source of frustration for him and a touchy subject. He first meets Ashley when she gets caught in one of his traps. Quickly, before Ludlow eats her, she strikes a bargain with him that if he doesn’t eat her, she’ll do whatever he wants. He considers it and agrees that he will set her free as long as she takes him back to the human world with her.

Ludlow is quick to anger, arrogant, selfish and childish. When Ashley first meets Ludlow, he cannot be depended on, and often betrays her or starts fights with people he really shouldn’t. That isn’t to say that he’s good at fighting; he’s just good at starting them. His goal is to find a beautiful mate, namely a night fey, the most beautiful of all the folk. In appearance, he is quite striking and monstrous, with shimmering but slimy scaled grey flesh. He has merfolk ears and elongated fingers tipped with sharp black nails. He has a mess of dark blue spikes for his hair and solid black eyes, like a great white shark.

When Ashley first meets Werble, she is terrified of him. Standing over seven feet tall with powerful arms and fierce horns on his black fur covered head, the Shug Monkey snatches Ashley up into his large hands. It soon comes to light that Shug Monkeys are a dying breed of fey, since they rely on having a human to show off in order to obtain a mate. Werble, as Ashley calls him because of the noise he makes, chooses Ashley as his human, and as a result, becomes very protective and loyal to her. In appearance, Werble looks like a giant gorilla with thick black oily fur.

An eccentric Horologist who has yet to pass his Horology exams. RinceRust is inconsistent and distant, but easy-going, friendly and sincere. When caught in a life-threatening situation, he mentions all too late what they should have done earlier to avoid the situation. He and Ludlow do not see eye to eye at the best of times, since RinceRust’s ethereal disposition seems a direct contrast to Ludlow.

Like all Horologists, RinceRust dresses in all browns and bronze colours. He wears a long brown leather coat and a long-sleeved renaissance style shirt. His coat is covered in pockets that are stuffed with watch- and clock-making tools. His hair is golden blonde, and worn in a tussled fashion. The main point about his appearance is the thick, covered monocle he wears over his right eye. The cover on the monocle can be lifted and has a number of magnifying glasses attached to it. The eye underneath is solid white and sees everything for its time value. All Horologists wear a monocle.
Illustration Work.
What length would you go to save your family? Even if it meant learning the horrible secrets of their past? Even if it meant that you might not want to call them family when your trials were through?

When Ashley Grayson's brother disappears before his wedding, Ashley is certain he didn't get cold feet. Soon, strange events start occurring in her small town. Strangers with the features of her missing brother appear, and old friends break from their facades. Discover a world of dark fantasy and travel into the world of the human imagination as Ashley enters the fairy-ridden OtherWorld in search of her brother and the scattered pages of her father's book.

She soon finds that magic lurks just beneath the surface of our reality.

Sample of finished book.