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Potto (2022)
Toy camera 
"기억에 색을 물들이다."​​​​​​​
'Potto'는 촬영한 사진을 즉시 인화하여 추억을 색칠할 수 있는 카메라입니다. 일반적인 폴라로이드 카메라와 다르게, 인화된 이미지는 라인 드로잉 형태 인쇄가 됩니다. 인쇄지는 영수증(감열지)을 사용하여 시간의 흐름에 따라 자연스레 잉크가 날아가는 것을 추억이 바래지는 모습에 빗대었습니다.

‘Potto’는 인쇄 된 이미지(라인 드로잉)에 색칠을 하면서 추억을 회상하고 아름답게 재구성하여 남기는 방법을 제안합니다.

'Potto' is a toy camera that allows you to color your memories by immediately printing photos you took. Unlike a typical Polaroid camera, the picture of 'Potto' is printed in a line drawing with only the outline of the shape. In addition, the printed paper was used as a receipt (heat-sensitive paper) to metaphor the memory of the ink flying naturally over time, which is a characteristic of the receipt.

'Potto' suggests a way to color the printed image (line drawing) and bring back memories.

추억의 포근함과 따스함을 나타내고자 둥글고 부드러운 형태를 택하였습니다. 
We chose a round and soft shape to express the warmth and cozy of memories.

출력된 용지를 쉽고 빠르게 자르기 위해 제품 하단에 커팅날이 내장되어있습니다.
출력용지는 영수증(감열지)을 이용하였으며, 기존에 있는 폴라로이드(즉석카메라)와 비교하였을때 비용이 저렴하며 접근성이 좋습니다.  감열지는 3인치 용지인 79*70 사이즈를 기본적으로 사용하고, 필요에 따라 2인치 용지도 사용이 가능하도록 제작되었습니다.

For easy and quick cutting of printed paper, a cutting blade is built into the bottom of the product.
The printout paper is selected as a receipt (heat-sensitive paper), which is cheaper than the existing Polaroid camera, and has a good cost-effectiveness, allowing you to print more photos than the film dedicated to Polaroid cameras. The thermal paper is designed to be available in size 79*70, 3 inch paper, and 2 inch paper as needed.

노란색 버튼을 눌러 촬영이 가능하고, 흰색 버튼을 위 아래로 올리고 내려서 전원 온오프가 가능합니다. 전원버튼 옆에는 배터리용량을 표시하는 LED가 있습니다.
카메라의 후면에는 큰 디스플레이 액정이 있어 촬영하고자 하는 장면을 화면을 통해서 확인할 수 있습니다. 

You can take pictures by pressing the yellow button, and you can turn the power on and off by raising and lowering the white button. Next to the power button is an LED indicating the battery capacity.
There is a display screen on the back of the camera, so you can see the scene you want to take through the screen.

Designed By Gabin Park and Subin Lee
All Pictures cannot be copied without permission Copyright ⓒ 2022 Two beans