Treasured Island Text Book Re-design
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    Client based project to re-design a text book.
Treasured Island is an out-of-print environmental education textbook for teachers of the government schools in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. The 1st edition was put out by Kalpavriksh and ANET around 10 years ago and is now outdated.
The task was to redesign the layout of the book and create contemporary illustrations that is sensitive to the context in which the book will operate.  
I worked on the illustrations for the Who's who section in the book, that enables students to identify and locate organisms belonging to the various ecosystems. 
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mixed media (ink, acrylic, oil and pastel)
Flying fish
Oil pastel 
texture exploration
oil and ink
aluminium foil
Drawings for Who's Who section in the book
Pencil stippling
Who's Who in the mangrove
After rendering in Photoshop.
Types of coral
Turtles nesting
Who's Who on rocky shore and sandy beach
Full page spread, rendered. 
Who's Who in the forest
Full page spread, rendered, with text.