Pantry Pickup
Facilitating individual donations to food pantries
The main screen of Pantry Pickup uses device location services to display nearby food pantries to the user, in both list and map form. A search interface is also available to view pantries in other locations.
Pantry Pickup is a project by Code for Boston, aimed at helping citizens to find their local food pantries to make donations. The ultimate goal of the application is two-fold: to increase individual donations to food pantries; and to allow food pantries to request or “register” for food needs specific to their communities.

The application consists of a map-based pantry finder built on a database of over 500 food pantries in Eastern Massachusetts ranging in location from Worcester to Cape Cod. It allows users to find their closest food pantry - along with contact information and hours of operation - by utilizing GPS or direct address lookup. As a next step, the team is conducting a user research effort with pantry operators to help us understand how we can best support their food inventory needs.

The application is built with Node.js and Backbone.js, and sits on top of a Mongo database. Initial development was done during the National Day of Civic Hacking in Boston and has continued with support from Code for Boston developers. As lead designer, I crafted the overall interaction and visual design, as well as much of the front-end code in HTML / CSS / Javascript.
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Once selected, a data view of an individual pantry slides in from the right, providing the user with the pantry's address, contact information, and hours of operation.
A mobile-responsive webapp, Pantry Pickup defaults to the map view on small screen sizes.
Users can toggle between list and map views in the mobile view, while pantry data is shown in a modal slide-up window, maintaining styles from the full-screen app.