Good Bites Identity Project
Energizing an organic produce brand
The Good Bites Brand was developed from a sketch study to find connections between common forms, such as letters, numbers, and symbols. Experimenting with multiple symbol combinations, I found contour similarities between a lowercase 'g' and a pear fruit. Refining my sketches, I was able to produce a memorable mark that was later combined with a company title and industry.

Below you will see the logo design process, as well as the extension of the brand through a few platforms, such as a transportation module, and delivery packaging. To conclude, I have the beginnings of brand advertising, in the form of a billboard. The brand itself utilizes white space dynamically, and the brand simplicity is exaggerated in this billboard mock, where type and color are used.
Initial sketching.
Sketch exploration.

Original pear and lowercase 'g' sketch.
Modifying and editing sketch in illustrator. Sketch samples. 'g' is repositioned, and close attention to negative and positive space is given to the form.
Final black and white logo.
Logo with color and tag line.
Brand application on PLU sticker, as well as pear crate.