Kissmydisc is an enormous e-commerce media store with a focus on Japanese goods. The twist here is a mix of native e-commerce UX with social networking and gaming experience.
The Fold
Kissmydisc features fullscreen view for spectacular pages such as—Collector's Corner, Picks, Index pages, Item pages, Theme items pages.
Once user reaches one of these pages, the page is fit to 100% width, and the rest of content is above or below the fold.
On Index the catalog is below the fold, and CC is above the fold.
This concept is shared among all other pages and sections. Mandatory content is fit on one screen, and various options and secondary content is hidden below the "fold" (limited to viewport maxheight).
Highlights sub-portal
Shows off updated, new and coming features, and generally introduces audience to the portal. Designed mostly for marketing purposes.
Picks sub-portal
This sub-site features user-defined sets of similar items, or items that go together quite well.
Picks portal has its own logotype and a custom designed typeface (numerals and "picks" word only).
All in all responsive.
Hardcore packaging unit, brand silver necklace, couple of discount flyers. (This is a 3D render, see actual photo above, pic #1)