Flowers for Peace in the World.
Flowers for Peace in the World.

               Our planet earth shines alone with the light of reason in the vast universe. Mankind uses the gift of consciousness for constant wars. There was not a single month on the planet without a war. Sylvie and I decided to create this project "Flowers for Peace in the World" about what will be clear to everyone on the planet without translation, these are photographs of flowers taken by photographers and amateurs, as well as artists from different countries. 

Now, there is a war for the independence of my beloved Ukraine, and Sylvie and I want to draw the attention of the world to the problem of humanism and humanity on the eve of the new year 2023! Peace to the peoples and love the planet and flowers, for the earth is our common home and flowers are its decoration.

The "Flowers for Peace in the World" is now complete.  

Thank you so much to all of you:

Dani Stites - Paola Bottoni - Rafn Sigurbjörnsson
Yves Jacob - Jaroslaw Rufer - Alec Stewart - Lumin Osity
Andy Royce - Krzysztof Tusiewicz - Maurizio Bondesan
Gilbert Fonchin - Umut Sağlam - Seiki Hayashi
DigitalArtist John - Kasia Mrożewska - Peter Sauermann
Pina Muscas - Nick John - Rossend Gri i Casas
Beyhan Sareyyüpoğlu - Robert Peek - Gian Donati
Nadiia Doicheva - Georg Reiter - Aya C - Javier Molina
Rolf Enderes - Sara Waldmann - André Breton - Masakazu Kurita.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, from Dmitry and me.
 Sylvie D. & Dmitry Krasiuk
1. Flowers of Ukraine, by Dmitry Krasiuk
2. Flowers of Canada, by Sylvie D.
3. Flowers of United States, by Dani Stites
4. Flowers of Italy, by Paola Bottoni
5. Flowers of Iceland, by Rafn Sigurbjörnsson
6. Flowers of France, by Yves Jacob
7. Flowers of Poland, by Jaroslaw Rufer 
  From my side (JR) pictures has their own symbolism:
- colors of Ukraine (blue - sky and yellow - flowers), 
- destruction of the country by Russian invaders (destroyed building), 
- Ukrainian nation (yellow flowers), 
- Couple of people: Man and Woman - future of the country (two yellow flowers).
8. Flowers of Scotland, by Alec Stewart
9. Flowers of  America, by Lumin Osity 
10. Flowers of America by Andy Royce
11. Flowers of Poland, by Krzysztof Tusiewicz
12. Flowers of Italy, by Maurizio Bondesan
On December 3, within the walls of STECCA3, the art collective art was inaugurated - the horizon of peace - which marks the great return in the post-pandemic presence of the format NOIREAGIAMO,
with the artist Maurizio Bondesan. 
13. Flowers of France, by Gilbert Fonchin
14. Flowers of Turkey, by Umut Sağlam
Peace begins with understanding and appreciation for each other's differences. Just like these flowers, we can all coexist and create something beautiful together, no matter our differences.
15. Flowers of Japan, by Seiki Hayashi
16. Flowers of England, by DigitalArtist John
17. Flowers of Poland, by Kasia Mrożewska
18. Flowers of The Netherlands, by Peter Sauermann
19. Flowers of Italy, by Pina Muscas
20. Flowers of Sweden, by Nick John
21. Flowers of Spain, by Rossend Gri i Casas
Montserrat - Catalonia
Tenerife - Canarias.                                                                                           Banyoles - Catalonia
22. Flowers of Türkiye by Beyhan Sareyyüpoğlu
23. Flowers of The Netherlands by Robert Peek
24. Flowers of Belgium by Gian Donati
25. Flowers of Ukraine, by Nadiia Doicheva
26. Flowers of Austria, by Georg Reiter
27. Flowers of China, by Aya C
Let this Flower Magic bring Peace and Love
28. Flowers of England - Javier Molina
29. Flowers of Switzerland - Rolf Enderes
30. Flowers of Germany, by Sara Waldmann
31. Flowers of France, by André Breton
32. Flowers of Japan, by Masakazu Kurita
Cherry blossoms, seen with a friend,
A long time ago, in spring.

Sunflowers, seen with my family,
A long time ago, in summer.

Thatch of silver grass, wove with my children,
A long time ago, in autumn.

A friend, gone.
A wife, a husband, gone.
A daughter, a son, gone.
Gone to flowers, everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?

Snow flowers, bloomed on the grave.
Where have all the flowers gone?
Oh, when will I know?






- Wrote by Kurita Masakazu, March 12, 2023
   Dedicated to our brave friends in Ukraine
Flowers for Peace in the World.


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Flowers for Peace in the World.

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