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    New collection of funny greeting cards for La Cartolaria.
This is a new project of mine and a friend on making some funny greeting cards. The ones I've seen on stores always bored me, so I decided to make these ones! Hope you all like it! As I am brazilian, the cards are in portuguese, but you can still understand with the translation under them. In Brazil, valentine's day is on June 12th, so that's why we decided to start with a love edition. My goal is to be able to make some in english as well and sell them all over the world, what do you think?
La Cartolaria
greeting cards
I was going through a hard stage...
...thanks for being my player 2!
You are the salmon of my sushi...
...we're perfect together!
You are the lemon of my tequila...
...te quiero mucho (i love you)!
Before any thief...
...you stole my heart!
You are the Ice of my Coke...
...without you I lose my beauty!
You are the Bonfire of my Marshmallow...
...I melt for you!
You take me higher
Love you from the earth to the moon
I bought a big present for you...
...but I ate it... Still love me?
Please, if you like it check the fan page of these cards on facebook: www.fb.com/lacartolaria