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    A marketing initiative designed to create a BUZZZ. Nothing else. Make people talk, question and get interested in something ELSE !!
What's all the BUZZZ about ??
Virginia Munden is what all the BUZZZ is about.  
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Virginia is a well respected and creditialled Real Estate Agent turned MEGA Social Media Queen, and community advocate.  She has transitioned a successful real estate career into a buzzing training organization.  Her business is focused on assisting other real estate agents leverage not only her proven sales skills and strategies, but also many of the social media technologies that can be used to drive visibility and brand awareness in establishing client relationships and developing loyalty.
Virginia and I have worked on many projects together with clients - building up personal brand identities, but in this situation we worked together to BUILD THE BUZZZ around her business.
This campaign was a fun one targetted at creating fun, light and provocative mini cards to be handed out at an event to simple CREATE A BUZZZ.   The cards were designed around Virginia's favorite thing - SHOES, and on the back of the cards it simple read - www.about.me/BUZZZ
This was a custom landing page we built to help redirect viewers to all the places where Virginia shares her thoughts and passions.
THE BUZZZ was great !!