Feelin' Groovy Festival Kit
For this project, i was given the year 1967 the summer of love. The idea was to explore and design elements that represent the chosen year. As the summer of love was all about hippies and music festivals, i decided to create a festival guide and kit that festival goers can use. I took inspiration from the San Francisco psychedelic rock posters of the time and designed my own psychedelic pattern that features throughout.
Festival Guide
An A5 fold out booklet that displays the key festival essentials taken from the Glastonbury website. Crowd photograph also taken from the Glastonbury website.
A3 poster on reverse side. Highly influenced by Mister Collins illustration.
Festival Kit
The festival kit is young, fresh and funky containing essential items for festival goers. It contains shampoo, suncream, wet wipes, plasters, glow sticks etc aswell as items such as a hippie headband and glasses to give a real 60's feel.
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