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    Advertisement for a swiss bank representing the figures portrayed on their banknotes.
Raiffeisen is Switzerlands third largest bank. They introduced a new term called "Fitgeld" ("Fitmoney") to describe the process of their financial services.  
The idea.
"Fitgeld" makes your money fit to your needs. To visualize this idea we represent the people portrayed on the swiss banknotes doing excersizes. 
Layout by MetzgerLehner.
The realisation.
The main issue was to find useable footage as basis for the portraits of the people. The figures were not available for a photo-shoot and historical imagery in general was not suitable, so we had to find multiple approaches. We ended with a mix of photos from stock libraries, sculptures and sketches created specific for this project. 
 Portraits out of a stock library.
↑ Sketches of Giacometti and Taeuber-Arp as basis for the postproduction.
 The basis for Le Corbusier was built by a sculptor, he is not on the final image.
↑ Body doubles.
↑ Early composing. As Le Corbusier had to be removed the final image shows only 4 figures.
The background is based on a CGI for the room. The coloring and the creation of the structure is a mixture of several Photoshop filters and techniques.
↑ Model of the room. 
 The rendered room.
The room coloured with gradients. The curved lines were done in Illustrator.
↑ Step by step.
↑ Final image.
May I introduce ...
↑ Sophie Taeuber-Arp (1889-1943), artist, painter, sculptor, dancer.
↑ Arthur Honegger (1892–1955), composer.
↑ Charles Ferdinand Ramuz (1878–1947), writer.
↑ Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966), sculptor, painter, draughtsman, printmaker.