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Photography - 501st Legion
The 501st Legion is a worldwide family of Star Wars costuming enthusiasts, who have movie-accurate costumes (all of which are scrutinized and have to be approved), and participate in fundraisers, parades, goodwill events and other activities. It’s a brotherhood, and a culture unlike any other. To give you a sense of what life is like as a member of this prestigious group, I’ve picked out some of the best pictures from the four years I’ve been a member.
An annual event I organize at VA hospitals, Trooping For The Troops is a way to thank veterans for their service and sacrifices
The 501st Legion is a big part of the annual Star Wars Weekends parades at Disney World's Hollywood Studios
I hold the banner for the beginning of The 501st Legion's section of the parade, Hollywood Studios, Disney World, duriung Star Wars Weekends
Marching in a parade at a Disney theme park is an experience unlike any other, one you will always remember
Darth Vader strides through the James A Haley VA hospital with R2-D2 during a Trooping For The Troops event
One thing 501st Legion members know how to do is have fun. Yeah...we've got that covered.
At an autism fundraiser in Orlando, Chester Cheetoh was there, which led to a humourous situation in the cast changing area...
Members take turn trying on the Chester Cheetoh head, resulting in instant hilarity
OK, I couldn't help posting this one. Good times...
A Trooping For The Troops event at the Bay Pines VA hospital; I have fun adding captions on pictures which I can share with other members
The 501st regularly participates in Star Wars In Concert events; this one was at the Tampa Bay Times Forum
Some members who want to have their picture taken with us like to be "under arrest"
The 501st Legion "invading" the Orange County History Center for Galactic Encounter Day
At Celebration V, a Star Wars convention in Orlando, Florida, members donated hand-customized Stormtrooper helmets which were auctioned off to raise money for charity
The 'droid builders room at Celebration V. Members of the Droid Builders club make movie-accurate, fully functional remote-control Star Wars robots
In the Millenium Falcon set replica, Celebration V, Orlando Florida
Members of The 501st Legion from around the world gather for a group picture, Celerbration V, Orlando Florida
Hamming it up with a Wampa arm, part of a Star Wars monster
The reaction of kids to our appearances never gets old. Ever.
The "invasion" of the Tampa Bay History Center
Weird Al Yankovic, a big fan of Star Wars and The 501st Legion, regularly asks members to be on stage during his Star Wars parody song The Saga Begins.
The 501st Legion float during the Pinellas Park holiday parade
Only part of the 501st Legion booth area at Megacon, Florida's largest comic book/costuming convention
Clowning around during the All Children's Expo, Tampa, Florida
The All Children's Expo, Tampa Florida
On national television during a football game at the Tampa Bay Times Forum during Star Wars Day. Organizing the Legion's participation in this event took two weeks of leg work, but was worth it.
Biker scouts, seen in the film Return Of the Jedi, gather in front of a recreation of a set from the film, Celerbration V, Orlando, Florida
The 501st Legion staging area, Disney's Hollywood Studios, in preparation for the parade through the park for Star Wars Weekends
Photography - 501st Legion
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Photography - 501st Legion

Life in The 501st Legion is always interesting; no two events are the same. This gallery offers a slice of what being in the Legion is like. No i Read More

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