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    A collection of work i did for the Dark Melodies Composer Mitch Kurfis.
This is a collection of my work for the Composer Mitch Kurfis who created music under the label of Dark Melodies. 

I have done CD Covers and a Music Video for him and had great fun doing them. 

The first 2 images below are composites, mixing Photography with Artwork. 
Below you can see the before and after for the above image.
The base image from the Cover above.
The images below were purely Artworks and were done before we started to mix Photography and Art.
Below is the Music video I made for Mitch for his Nahab Theme. 
I loved doing this.
You can also see the Trailer and Behind the Scenes.
Below are some posters I created for the music video.
And here's some behind the scenes photos from the shoot day.
The best part of the day was covering Vicki in Black Treacle to turn her into a demon. 
Thanks for your interest!