No Cocino Más!
Take Away - ELISAVA 2011

"No Cocino Más", the concept can be translate as - I don't feel like cooking lets get takeaway.
"No Cocina Más" is a Take Away, where their main concept is home made food. How many time have you  wanted to eat the food of your grandma? and you don't have time or knowledges to get this lovely flavor.

The project was delimited to resolve a croquette package design which will able to make easier its transport and consume. How does it work?
"Menuda, humilde, dorada, crujiente, aromática, sabrosa, La croqueta es un acierto, un logro, una genialidad, Un bocado del Paraíso empanado y frito. Quien prueba una buena croqueta no puede resistirse al hechizo de coger otra, y otra. y otra..."
Reinforcing the concept,  itwas workedwith a photographic series by Alfred T. Palmer, 1942, which evoke the history moment when women had to go out of their home to assume male role, besides other graphic resources, one of them, the pattern that make us think about a traditional kitchen fabric.
Designed by : Marisol Escorza & Carolina Caycedo. Directed by : Emili Padrós & Ion Elola.
Published at : 2012, Packaging Structures  (p.170-171) 
by SendPoint Books Co. Ltd.