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HTC | Launch of the HTC One M8
The Launch of the HTC One M8
When HTC reached out to me to discuss the launch of their upcoming flagship device the One M8, they wanted to highlight the design process and manufacturing advances that went into the creation of the next evolution of mobile technology. 
01 Reveal Video: the HTC One M8
HTC One M8 Reveal
Client: HTC
Chief Marketing Officer: Benjamin Ho
Executive Producer: Scott Chan

Agency: RadWorks
Creative Director: Julian Rad

Production Company: Modern Post
Director: Barnaby Roper
Executive Producer: Neil Cooper
Producer: Seema Naik
Editor: Matt Nee
Motion Designer/2D Lead: Joe White
Composer/Sound Design: Luc Burson, HTC
2D Animator: Hayato Yamane
2D Animator: Alex Rupert
2D Animator: Aleksander Ivanov
UX Animation: Birgit Rathsmann
Storyboard Artist: Tory Sica
Storyboard Artist: C.M. Butzer
Styleframe Artist: Jeremy Mansford
3D Studio: HiFi3D
Executive Producer/CG Supervisor: Jonathan Dorfman
Executive Producer/CG Supervisor: Szymon Weglarski
Lead Lighting Technical Director: Michael Lampe
Lighting Technical Directors: Cody Chen
Lighting: John Volny
Lighting: Szymon Weglarski
Lead 3D Modeller: Jonathan Dorfman
3D Modelling: Housein Rodrigo Cornell
3D Modelling: Samantha Lai
3D Animators: Johnny Falcone
3D Animator: Michael Sime
Simulations and FX: Kjell Strode
Additional Simulations: Mike Huang
02 Design Video: Creating the HTC One M8
Inside the Design: Creating the HTC One M8
Client: HTC
Chief Marketing Officer: Benjamin Ho
Executive Producer: Scott Chan

Agency/Production Company: RadWorks
Creative Director/Director: Julian Rad
Editor: Matt Nee, Editor
Composer/Sound Designer: Luc Burson, HTC

Taiwan Location:
Director: David White, HTC 
Producer: Julienne Wu, HTC
Senior Manager: Jen Lim, HTC
Production Company: Askafilm

Featuring: (in order of appearance)
Dana Nicholson, Director, Design Strategy, HTC
Claude Zellweger, Associate Vice President of Design, HTC
Johnson Chiang, Director of Design, HTC
Yin Yang, CMF Designer, HTC
HTC Design Manifesto
Client: HTC
Executive Producer: Jonah Becker
Executive Producer: Dana Nicholson
Executive Producer: Scott Chan

Agency/Production Company: RadWorks
Julian Rad, Creative Director/Director
Matt Nee, Editor
Luc Burson, Composer/Sound Design, HTC

Taiwan Location:
David White, Director, HTC 
Julienne Wu, Producer, HTC
Scott Chan, Executive Producer, HTC
Jen Lim, Senior Manager, HTC
Askafilm Production

San Francisco Location:
Jason Joseffer, Director of Photography
Frazer Bradshaw, 2nd Camera
Theresa Wong, 2nd Camera
Jim Choi, Location Sound Recordist

Seattle Location:
Chris Mosio, Director of Photography
Jeremy Mackie, 2nd Camera
Charles Tomaras, Sound Recordist
03 Global Television Commercial: HTC One M8

04 Live Event & Multicam
Photos courtesy of Experiential Agency Partner SSG Create.
05 Creative Development: Storyboards & Motion Tests
Storyboard Artist: Tory Sica
Styleframe Artist: Jeremy Mansford

06 Graphic & Art Design
HTC | Launch of the HTC One M8


HTC | Launch of the HTC One M8

HTC brought their flagship device, the HTC One M8 to the press and their fans in New York City and London.