I was commissioned by the company swoop energy to create a visual and a 3d rendering of their next product, an energy storage solution from recycled electric car batteries.
Designing a new product: my creative approach

First, I conducted user research to identify the target customer and what they were looking for in a product of this type. Then I did a competitive intelligence and highlighted the features and technical specifications needed for the product. What came out were the materials used, such as automotive grade plastic (SWOOP energy reuses and recycles electric car batteries), the need for heat dissipation as well as the reminder of swoop’s branding, the general shape follows that of the logo.
I then took out the sketchbook to imagine the shape, the arrangement of the elements and the message that I wanted to communicate to the client with this product. SWOOP Energy needs to stand out as a modern and reliable solution and that’s what I wanted to translate into my design.

After having identified all the technical needs as well as the direction in which I had to create the product, I drew in my sketchbook the general shape as well as the specificities of the product.

I then reworked the shape in Blender. Having already drawn it saves me a lot of time and it allows me to make sure that I don’t deviate from the client brief and my user research. Finally, I worked on the lights and the environment to show the product in real use
Conclusion & Result

To conclude, I really enjoyed working on this project, firstly because the company’s approach is in line with my values of responsible innovation, by recycling electric car batteries. But also because the company trusted my research process and my expertise. 
I am sure that the design of the product will allow the customer to project himself and adopt this solution over the competitors because it corresponds to his values.
Project PWR

Project PWR