10 COLLECTION CONTEST WINNER "Creating Her Own Future"
The Challenge:
I was exited to enter the first Fotolia 10 Collection contest and even more suprised when I won !
To kick off season 3, Digital Artists, Mike Campau, was paired with photographer Eric Paré and created the awesome piece "Creating Her Own Future".
As usual, after the artwork was submitted, it was time for the contest !
The guidelines were simple : "Choose three photos from the TEN photoshoot for the PSD of the month, as well as three files supplied by Fotolia. It's up to you create an artwork based on that month's theme!"
I want to thank, Dayana A Gonzales, Stephane Bazin and Georges Hage for all their help, constructive criticism and support during the creation of this piece. I also want to thank Fotolia for the oportunity and Mike Campau & Eric Paré for being a great source of inspiration.
Below is the winning piece I created, Enjoy!
We took some light painting shots using the techniques taught by Eric Paré
We then took many photos of many plants and created the rest of the scene with CGI elements following Mike Campau's advice
Thankyou !
You can watch the original video of the "Fotolia 10 COLLECTION Season 3 - Creating her own future" here
You can see the original piece here