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    Putting a spin on the well-known "Our Product Has These Awesome Features" narrative. A series of eight B2B campaign spots.
Telling people about a products new features can be tedious. Listing technical detail after technical detail and specification after specification? There ought to be a better story.
We seized a chance to tell that story differently when Metzler Vater asked us to introduce Fujitsu’s all new business PCs to retailers and decision makers. We set out to create symbolism for the products' features in our small studio space. Floating a laptop on helium balloons, dangling anvils over crates full of eggs – and when do you get to drop a brand new laptop on the floor while getting paid for it?
Needless to say the spots were a smashing success and the production was fun:
Behind the scenes:
It is really hovering!!
Our LED lights setup – special thanks to Videotechnik Bär
Lights, lights, lights
Fujitsu Technology Solutions 
Metzler Vater Campaign 
Creative Director Agency:
Markus Böger 
Christian Remiger 
Moritz Schwind 
Oliver Tomann, Leo Dziallas