Branding - Elisa Sednaoui Foundation (Case Study)
The Elisa Sednaoui Foundation was founded from, as the name indicates, Elisa Sednaoui back in 2013. Its mission is to elevate creative learning projects to promote playful cultural exchange and the building of life skills in children and young people around the world. Make sure to check their facebook page @
I was wondering how a branding for such a Foundation could look like and thats the result.
I tried to make a logo that represents the person behind this Foundation as well as its mission. So I decided to shape an arrow with the initials from Elisa's name. The upward direction of the arrow should represent the process of growing-up as well as the improvement of the education level.
The actual logo already has this pinkish tone, which I thought fits pretty good so I stayed with it and just added a contrast color to get a young & fresh feeling.
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And here some mock ups
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