The Great Fort of Nizwa

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    Early render tests
    3D human models didn't fit well so I ask the illustrator Lucille Umali to produce around forty soldiers based on 3D dummies to mantain the same isometric point of view of the fort, avoiding the perspective view so the soldiers can be moved to different possitions although the most of them remained in the original plan.
    Al Hazm Castle
    At very early stage of the project I consider to focus on Al Hazm Castle, the typical Omani fortified building that usually has two diagonally opposite towers, but was under restoration so internal details cannot be covered. After that I turn to Nizwa fort.
    Nizwa Fort
    I decided to go on Nizwa fort because it's unique zig-zag trap-stairs system.
  • Field sketch of the zig-zag stairs from my visit
  • I was so lucky to find the top and side view plans in a study published in "The Oman Studies Vol. 6". After that I knew where exactly the stairs were positioned. That was the last push to do this fort
  • The crenelation had another difficulty: the fort has not a perfect circular shape so the equidistant position of the merlons was a bit hard.
  • There are three staircases, all different, that was a challenge because a slight slope in the top floor so the three has different numbers of steps.
  • This is the first version of the fort. Later I'd cut the flag pole and adjacent buildings.
  • The only one entrance
  • This is the first pitfall
  • Door and it's murder hole
  • Reaching the terrace
  • The last door
  • Well
  • Using the body for take scale
  • Musketeer's niche and its four loopholes
  • More photos of the trip at (facebook):