Style: 2D Animation
Genre: Boys-Action
Target: 6-12
Format: 13x22 min
Status: Ready for production
Could a 10 year-old boy turn out to be the greatest warrior in the galaxy?
Only if he passes the semester!
Luka is your typical 10 year-old boy, loves playing videogames and hates studying! His parents are constantly on his back so he can do his chores, his homework, clean his room, study, and shower and brush his teeth. However, what he really loves is playing the ultimate space battle online game called, STARBUSTER. He plays it every day to become the top scorer, until he does, and is suddenly summoned to become a real star-fighter and join the STARBUSTER TROOPS, an intergalactic force that protects the universe from the malevolent Morguers, an alien race that is determined to defeat the STARBUSTERS and steal their energy source so they can revive their wicked king leader, KING MORG, in the attempt to conquer and slave the universe. Can Luka become the ultimate STARBUSTER, protect the universe and still keep up with his chores?
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