Renault Turbo 3E with Tomek Makolski

Renault’s design department put together a dream team of photographer Tomek Makolski,  Cream Paris producing, and the brand new Recom studio, Recom Paris, to launch the Renault Turbo 3E, their spectacular all-electric drifter. The wild design ride mixes video game aesthetics with hyper-modern and high octane retro race heritage.

As well as the concept car with its glitchy pixellated wrap and neon lights, the original race winning Renault 5 from the late 80s got the star treatment, showing off its retro blue and red stripes, still looking good and driving well!

Working directly with the design team gave Tomek creative freedom to interpret their vision. Tomek shot both cars on location in the Renault factory in Douai, France. Within the futuristic industrial setting, they used smoke and vivid colour to increase the late 80s/early 90s arcade game feel. With on-set support from Cream and a highly organised crew, they were able to shoot 21 images in a tight time limit.

Appropriately enough,  the post-production was propelled by the need for speed! With the car’s launch at the Paris Motorshow approaching fast, Pepe Alram of Recom Paris created an efficient working pipeline and innovated with super-speedy techniques.

Having cleaned up traces of the working environment of the Renault factory in the backgrounds, he amped up the cyberpunk look with extra fog effects and vivid neon.

Whether you’re in the driver's seat in ‘Track Invader” mode, or strapped in the back with the custom matching plush teddy to keep you calm, take a whirl with this fun and exuberant project where every aspect is in total overdrive!
Photographer: Tomek Makolski

Creative Direction & Post-production: Pepê Alram / Recom Paris

Producteur: Martin Revol / Cream

Directeur of Production: Alexandre Bauer / Cream

Assistant Photographer: Amadeusz Tyberieusz Dsiwisz

Renault Team:
Gilles Vidal (Renault Design Chief)
Sandeep Bhambra (Advance Design Chief)
Karl Saffre (Global Brand Design Director)
Emeric Pouzenc-parmentier (Lead Brand Identity Designer)
Vadim Gilca (Exterior Designer)
Robin Biondi (Interior Designer)
Eleonore Lebec (Color & Trim Designer)
Julien Debomy (Motion & UI Designer)
Raphael De Macedo (Graphic Livery Designer)
Aniket Chatterjee (Cgi Artist)
Alexandre Jolivot (Cgi Artist)
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Renault Turbo 3E with Tomek Makolski

Renault Turbo 3E with Tomek Makolski