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Rippling - Supercharge

Rippling - Supercharge

The team at Rippling doesn't sleep. They work so hard that I ended up working longer than normal hours. What else is new? This project took 3 weeks.

(This was a moonlighting job for me)
Building textures in Redshift3D, a biased renderer that I think helps with the art direction process more so than other renderers.
"Plum, not purple, not pink... Plum." 
Plum is a desaturated purple and pink combo

Without a doubt I spent more time in the pipeline texturing than any other process and during that time, I promise you, I was just trying to get the purple-ish plum and pinkish-plum to be more plum
The credit card got swiped
Half way through the project someone grabbed our ealry round credit card styleframe and ran with it to introduce Rippling Spend Management. I was so excited that someone liked the work we were doing but made sure to get them a high resolution image asap. 
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This person will never know, but this was my favorite compliment I've ever received.   
The blank canvas

The creative process is such a process. Many questions to answer and problems to solve.

Whats the button going to look like? How do we press it? Lets not press it. The coins look too much like coins! Are we pressing a button? Is that velveeta cheese? The laptops need sharper corners! Make it more plum!
Art is everywhere

Lately, I've been more present with the process and in doing so discovered some beautful moments of delight. I snapped a few screenshots as reminders that art is everywhere. 
"Make a square version too, k?" [OK]
Rippling - Supercharge


Rippling - Supercharge