Ubiety is a graph-based data-visualization system of thoughts and ideas. The goal of the design was to create an exploratory interface that replicates the feeling of navigating between thoughts to discover new connections and explore the spaces within them.
Each node contains a written thought (collected from personal journals) with the context in which it was created (subject and date). Each was reduced to a set of representative words, and search results of these keys were used to generate distance values between each node. In this way the connections were formed algorithmically, within the context of a larger thought collection (the public internet). It is a prototype for an interface that would allow users to contribute to a public thought cloud and discover pathways between the observations of others.
The full interactive site can be viewed at nter.ac/experiment/ubiety.
Ubiety means existing within a specific location, time and space; as with thought, we explore this graph from a focal point, with connected ideas as uncertain anchors on a dynamic landscape.
This interface was selected as Best of Show in the 2014 Cornish College of the Arts 1-2-3 Student Design Show from freshman, sophmore, and junior projects.