Riding with Buffalo

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  • Many people living in and around the city of Buffalo are uneducated on its cultural, architectural and industrial history. There are lots of good things happening in the city that have come from its rich historical foundations–music, the arts, festivals, community events–much of which is overlooked or scattered in different neighborhoods.
    To promote the sharing of historical and cultural backgrounds and to bring people and neighborhoods together in the city of Buffalo through both an educational and active means. To create a more comfortable, happy and community-focused environment through the involvement of local businesses, organizations and Buffalo residents. Also, to bring awareness for the need of bike lanes on city streets and to encourage people to choose bikes over cars as a primary means of transportation.
    Buffalo residents, primarily younger people (18–30), both active and non-active cyclists
    I am proposing a series of bicycling events that will uncover different bits of Buffalo's history. These events will include bike routes with different stops along the way where participants can learn something new through exciting, interactive ways.
  • promotional poster
  • website
  • map of bike route
  • pocket map
  • T-shirt, water bottle
  • implementation of signage at each stop
  • 3-panel informational sign
  • presentation in the Fannette Goldman–Carolyn Greenfield Gallery, Daemen College