Bioplastic Bulb Packaging
This flower bulb packaging holds three bulbs per unit, in individual break-away sections. It was designed with gardening beginners in mind, not familiar with gardening but curious and with an unimpeded attitude towards it. 

Users can break away a section and bury it on the ground directly, as the plastic will naturally disappear and reveal a new flower.
The briefing was extremely wide, along the lines of "anything, any market, any size, any price. From bioplastic".

This meant a thorough research phase.

Many areas were considered but at the end, a scoring of different aspects was made, and the flower bulb market struck us as a good opportunity. Not only the material is entirely appropriate for the transport and planting of flowers, there is a strong demand for upper-tier flower bulbs as a gift from Holland.

Although there are other brands operating in this market, none has differentiated itself from the competition.
The product research phase of the project was centered around the question of how to balance an interesting product shape and interaction and the actual growth needs of the plant-to-be. F

rom all the proposals, the current one was deemed to have more interesting and relevant interaction possibilities
When put together, the patterns assume their diverse characters, fruit of their white-black ratios, regular or irregular spacing and more or less geometric shapes.