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Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool" Vinyl Package

Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool" Vinyl Package
Design & Art Direction by Adeoluwa Jones
A re-imagined take on Lupe Fiasco's album "The Cool". This is one of my favorite albums and it was an absolute privilege to design an package for it
For context, The Cool is a very conceptual album and I wanted to portray that conceptualism in the design. 

On one of Lupe Fiasco's first songs, "Pills" he introduces and describes the appearance of two monstrous entities, The Streets and The Game. The Streets is portrayed as a trashy, poorly aging temptress while The Game is portrayed as a monstrous, violent, con man. 

On Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool" album, Lupe then weaves a meta narrative that describes how these characters interact and wreak havoc throughout inner city Chicago.
Initial Sketches and Ideas
When this project was first given to me, I automatically thought of doing The Cool as 2 single jacket vinyls. For the actual artwork, I wanted to use the lyrics from "Pills" and create frankenstein-esque collages of The Streets and The Game as Lupe describes them in the song. 

After creating the characters, I wanted to use compositional elements from Nas's Illmatic album and show two of the main characters in the album's narrative, The Streets & The Game, in front of the city of Chicago (where Lupe is from and where the album's events are centered around). 

Then on the back, I wanted to have the last stanza from Lupe's song "The Coolest" that issues an introductory warning of sorts to the listener but written in a frantic, hand-lettered font. 
First Round of Designs
The Streets (Jacket 1)
The Game (Jacket 2)
Jacket 1 Back
Jacket 2 Back
However, once I started designing, I switched from single jackets to a gatefold in order to illustrate The Cool more as an interactive landscape that these monsters inhabit.

Once that was changed, I then created a gatefold interior, polished The Streets and The Game's designs and created the vinyl sleeves, vinyls, and center labels. 

Once those were completed, I added the corporate logos and information until I was left with an amazing recreation. 

While you scroll, listen to "The Coolest" by Lupe Fiasco and keep your faith as you chase...The Cool.   
Exterior Gatefold
Interior Gatefold
Gatefold Front
Gatefold Back
Front Inner Sleeve
Back Inner Sleeve
Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool" Vinyl Package

Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool" Vinyl Package