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COALA FESTIVAL by Christiano Pix
// coala festival 2014

_in late 2012 I was invited by two 22 year old entrepreneurs to be their one-man advertising agency in their dream project: creating a brand new music festival in São Paulo, from scratch. they had a name, a vision, and a we had a very long road ahead.
_the festival's concept the idea was to create a platform to launch relatively unknown artists, showcasing their work to a large audience gathered by two more established attractions. Hence the name "Coala", in an allusion to the the way the koala's offspring hangs on to the mother's back until they are strong enough to live on their own. 
_the launch campaign was mainly online-based, with an strategic focus on Facebook and Instagram, afterall, the majority of our target audience was located in these channels.
christmas post
academy awards post
_the coala meme contest was created as a simple post on the festival’s Facebook fanpage. We launched the image with no text and asked our fans to send in the best title. The chosen one took home a pair of free tickets and had their own meme shown on the stage screens throughout the entire event.