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COOSH store
Interior Design

Architect: Sofiia Hupalovska
Visualizations: Alina Nykonets
Project Area: 170 sq.m
Project Year: 2022
Location: Ternopil, Ukraine
Photo credits: Yevhenii Avramenko


COOSH showroom is a flagman store of Ukrainian clothing brand. It is situated in the small town Ternopil in the west part of Ukraine as it is a hometown of its owner.
The project was started in June 2022, on the 4th month of the war and was made in 4 months.
Almost all furniture and materials were restored or made by custom in Ukraine.

The store was situated in the old historical building.
The main task was to show individuality of the place, show our respect to the past in times when somebody wants to destroy it. And in the same time this historical line had to cross with the strategy of the brand: simplicity, basic and elegance.
The second concept point:
The combination of simple things that gives a new visual result if you change the way they should compose.


COOSH store is a 170-sq.m, two-level premises in an old building which are connected with big vent staircases.
The first level consists of two retail halls, reception, waiting area and storage.
The second floor includes one retail hall, fitting rooms, waiting area and a staff room.
At the beginning the building was in a very bad condition, we had to change all windows, doors, walls, even the floor and facades.

But in the process, we founded authenticated parquet under the layers of the repaired floor. It was a big pleasure for us, so we decided to keep and restore it. That’s why there are two textures on the floor at the second level.

One of the main visual accents of the showroom is located in the hall with the reception.
The reception has a modern form on legs. It has underconstruction with metal pipes and the cover made of laminam.
The wall behind the reception has a piano with tiles. It just includes 2 types of tiles, that lay in different directions.
Rails were made individually for the project from the combination of metal pipes. There are different types of them: free standing, wall-mounted, and with or without a ground plate.
In process we’ve made a few prototypes of them. As an outcome, rails had to be inexpensive, but reliable.
Walls/the ceiling were decorated with stucco.
Since there are almost nothing left of the authentic one, we made a new one based on the remains.

COOSH store