Typographic Mural | Blue Dome District
Typographic Mural | Blue Dome District, downtown Tulsa, OK USA
The Blue Dome district is a downtown area in Tulsa, OK that is celebrated for it's artistic expression and is adorned with several murals on the faces of buildings all over. This project was designed a little bit differently however, as it is purely typographic and using a minimal color palette. The black and white typography represents pertinent street names, dates, and events that make up the district, which functions almost as a historical timeline. It is overlaid with the district's very familiar title 'Blue Dome' on top in beveled condensed letterforms, which fill out most of the wall. 
wall dimensions: 15 ft tall x 100 ft wide 
designed by: Hilary Gaby
painted by Hilary Gaby & Paul Yeakey
Paint used: Montana 94 and Montana Hardcore / Fresh Paint blk / Kilz White
laying out the letters
Chalk line was helpful to get a consistent 45 deg. angle throughout
from wobbly..
...to refined.
Enter the blue overlay effect
progress detail
All cleaned up!
climbing another building for a better view
Welcome to Blue Dome!
Typographic Mural | Blue Dome District