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Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time
Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum
"Because being 13 again is... Bloobaloobie!"
                                                 Princess Bubblegum
Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom,
she is a scientist therefore she believes only in science. 
She is a bubblegum humanoid, her first name is Bonnibel.

She is very respected and loved, kind and well-mannered,
but her temper can be a powerful force when provoked. 
Has a strong sense of morality and participates in politic events outside the Candy Kingdom. 
 Her proficiency in science and fluency in Korean are a testament to her high intelligence, she also speaks German.

"The deer wanted our sugar,
but I didn't give him any... if ya know what I mean."
;) PB

I was asked to make this doll, it wasn't even my idea, but oh man this was a stressful one, it was so hard to sew and don't even make me start about the pink felt, all that pink felt, different shades everywhere, it's a good thing I like to drink tea and coffee a lot.
All of the characters here are copyright of © Cartoon Network. This is just my own fan art & I am not associated with Adventure Time or Cartoon Network in any way.