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    ACTION TRICKS Sony Action Cam by Christiano Pix
// sony actioncam - action tricks campaign
Our task was to create a brand identity and launch a new product in the brazilian extreme sports market: the Sony ActionCam. Of course, with the challenge of facing an already strong and consolidated competitor in this niche.

We came up with the concept that it stands for everything that is to come in Xtreme Sports. It won't capture what has already been done. It'll show what has never been seen before.

The idea was to capture the journey of two top Pro-Surfers from Brazil, Pedro Scooby and Thiago Camarão, on their search for the evolution of the sport and their own self improvement and discovery.

The branded content consisted of 4 episodes, a teaser film and a TVC. The first and the second episodes were filmed in Fernando de Noronha (Brazil) and the following 2 in Hawaii.

In less than a month we achieved over 1 million views on the teaser film alone.
"the difference between the non-existent and the eternal is the proof"