Every year, people partake in the custom of breaking a wishbone with the chance that their wish may come true.Unfortunately, there are only so many wishbones to go around, and so many wishes to be made. With our 3d Printed Wishbone Cookie Cutter, cookies can now be baked, shared, and wished upon by all friends and family!
Here’s how:
1. Download or buy a Wishbone Cookie Cutter Set 
2. Make your favorite cookie dough and roll out to about 1/4” 
3. Cut dough with Cookie Cutter (white) 
4. Release dough with Cookie Press (red) 
5. Share lots and lots of Wishbone Cookies with your friends + family 
6. Make lots and lots of wishes!
Thingiverse - Download the file and print it for free!
Etsy - Have us print it and ship it to you!
Enjoy! - and share with everyone: #WishboneCC