Jammer Visually Disruptive Make-Up
(the irony of my 360 Wattch project is not lost on me) .

For years, CCTV systems have been capable of recognizing an individual in a crowd and run a background check on her/him.

This project proposes make-up as a way to counter such systems
This project started precisely in the opposite way, as I was doodling hypothetical state-enforced markings that everybody had to wear, in order to be easily identified. Very much 1984 type of feeling. Then, what came to mind was the human defiance against control, be it active or passive. I realized that the more interesting topic was insurgence and how could it be masked and allowed to go on.

What if people do not want to be identified by machines? How far can they go without wearing a mask?
This project looks into that question from the point of view of cosmetics, so often used as personal expression of beauty, now converted into a cloak of sorts
Face-Recognition systems work by comparing the placement of facial features of a person. If the same set of features and proportions is found in the data base, the system identifies the observed person.

By adding visual noise as make-up, one can throw off the identification algorithms at work and remain anonymous.
Curious about the intersection of fashion and surveillance, I attributed different characters to each collection. Each time a person wears them, the patterns should be randomly generated.

Static is for the simple Jane Doe that wants to stay that way.
Régie is based on broadcast test patterns, and speaks the lingo of CCTV
Obsess leaves no room for “maybe”, the closest thing to an optical balaclava.
Innuendo plays with the uncertainty, using plenty of white space and a dynamic visual rhythm
When put together, the patterns assume their diverse characters, fruit of their white-black ratios, regular or irregular spacing and more or less geometric shapes.