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Here are some examples of illustration work I have done. In the first one I was working with the brush tool in Illustrator. I chose an animal to draw out using the brush tool to make it look somewhat realistic. The next 3 illustrations I made for DMACC Portfolio Day to be displayed outside the venue. I created them in procreate.
Branding a Micro-nation
In this piece I was to make up a place that doesn't already exist and make a travel poster, a flag, and banknotes for the micro-nation. We did a lot of research for this one to ensure that the work would look like this place actually exists.
Here are some examples of my product design. In the first piece, I had to design a book cover and format the text for the Grimms` Fairy Tales. I went for a minimalistic design. In the next piece, I was given a random image, band name, and album cover name and I had to adjust the image and text to fit different genres of music. The first one being Rock, the second being Country, and the third being Techno. After that I had to pick the best of the three to put into a mock-up to make it look like an actual record.
Here are some of my layout designs. In the first one I was given a poem and I found imagery to go along with it, I was not allowed to change the formatting of the text given to me because that is how the author of the poem wanted it to be. For the next 3 pieces I had to show different paragraph indications and layout the text in an organized fashion. In the first one, I used the enter key. In the second one, I used indents. For the last one, I used pilcrows.
Here are some examples of posters I did. For the first one, I had to choose a location and make a travel poster for it, I chose Seoul, South Korea and I wanted to do something that I had not seen already in Seoul travel posters so I went with a lesser known but still popular landmark which is called Namsan Seoul Tower. In the next 2 posters, my client wanted me to create 2 different posters to show their karaoke schedule to hang up around their business. I made one that was an illustration and one that used a photo.
In these pieces, I was to make a display stand, stickers, and buttons for the National Crime Victims' Rights Week, a campaign done by the DMACC Criminal Justice department. I went for a 7 column layout design for the display. The purpose of using the side bar was to bring attention to that information first. For the back side of the display I used the silhouettes from the artwork provided to make a frame on the sides leading to the text​​​​​​​. The sticker I made used the words from the tagline of this year which was "Survivor Voices Elevate, Engage, and Effect Change." For my button I used a butterfly because they represent transformation, hope, and faith.
Here I have some animation pieces I did. The first one was for a hat company, I chose to show what the most popular hat for each decade running back to the bowler hat in 1900. I did that because on the logo it has a bowler hat. In my second animation, I made a campfire scene. The fire is the part that is animated and I added embers coming out of it.
Here you can see a package design that I made for the popular tv dinners 'Banquet'. Everyone has had a tv dinner before but if you have seen the old packaging for Banquet, it's not very appealing. I went with an illustrative approach and created a microwave because if you're making a tv dinner you're going to need a microwave. In the first image it was made in Adobe Dimensions to create a clean look to it. In the second image, I printed out a copy and folded it to look like what the box would look like.
Victoria Grubb's Portfolio

Victoria Grubb's Portfolio