Gordic - motion design

From a singular point to a clean
complex solution
We created an online visual system for one of the biggest family-run businesses in the Czech Republic. Gordic produces and supplies information systems for state administration, government, and banking. Our goal was to capture their corporate ethos of an interconnected society through web design using 3D animation.
The visual style spins around a singular point that multiplies graphically to reveal Gordic’s entire visual system.
We created an app and UX design, allowing Gordic employees as well as customers to interact with the interface features and database.
Generating a unique Gordic identity card, logging into the company’s intranet, and connecting employee’s identification with the HR system are some of the features we provided. Graphical solutions had to remain simple and reflect clarity and order.
We concluded our project for Gordic by presenting the results at their company’s event in a very majestic way. We displayed a video that reacted to the music and projected interactive graphic design on an LED screen.
Gordic - motion design