MF1_ Think_eM Power Team(Cena Cito Partisani)
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From italian...It has been our nail on the brain for months:To create something that fully embodies our values and those of bmw , shown in the 2025.According to Think_em, the balance, as how the emotions, don’t pass from a crossover to a suv, in our opinion, the icon of the balance is the extreme sportsmanship, principle expression of the technology, of sensibility for the drivers and for whom that are simply passengers, dynamic balance, formal balance,human balance.In our Mf1 we conjugated musical flows and technical harmony, for this the engine has to be primal, to symbolize the heart, harness like the man properly by technology, that protects him , excite him, exalt him. An emotion to share, with the family, with the cutie pies, for this there are 4 seats, arranged like flower petals.The technology in aid of the balance, in aid of the human emotions. Mf1 is alive, it moves physically to help the human being, it helps him to brake, to curve, to go faster, it doesn’t take the man’s place, it doesn’t control him, it exalts him.The man in balance with the car. White in balance with black.The style in balance with technologyThe emotions in balance with reason.The transversal new balance BMW.