360 Wattch
Personal Project
A major drawback of surveillance systems is their complex installation. This adds to their high adoption cost as domestic feature and because only those who really depend on such systems install them, civilian, domestic use is regarded as a sign paranoia.

360 Wattch is as casual as surveillance can be.
360 Wattch needs only to be screwed on a common light bulb socket that is connected to a network enabled power grid. It does not connect to any computer and requires no software or hardware installation. This makes it extremely easy to relocate around the house, to fit in with changing needs of its inhabitants.
360 Wattch was designed based on current technology, and its components were projected in comparison with similar parts in other products.

This is possible today.
The ease of installation and repositioning comes at a cost: ease of tampering.
Although the 360 Wattch was not designed for professional-grade security, it needs to prevent two basic disabling techniques: switching off of light socket and unscrewing of camera.

To tackle the first, 360 Wattch has backup batteries and memory, going into timed picture mode, instead of continuous video capture. When connection is restored, recordings are uploaded to the online user portal.

The unscrewing of the camera will trigger the tamper-sensor described above.
One of the advantages of the 360 Wattch is its use of established power and network lines along with access points like the home powerline and the myriad of internet enabled devices. No records are kept in any device and options are accessible only via the secure online portal.